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   Phospho-Antibody Production- $2,120/ project

1.Synthesize both phospho and non-phospho peptides.
Services Time (cost)
IV. Additional Bleed-Out Service

  provide 50 ml  from each rabbit

1 week (+$150/per rabbit)
V. Re-boosting Immunizations
(two additional booster injection, 20 days interval, 50 ml antiserum bleed after 50 days)

7 weeks
(+$250/per rabbit)

  ELISA test for final total bleed (including conjugating peptide to BSA)

1 week
VII. Purification

  Synthesis the control peptide of the same sequence without phospho residue.

  Phospho-peptide antibody purification by 2-steps peptide affinity purification including phospho-peptide column and non-phospho-peptide column

  ELISA data will be included for free

1 week
Phase Time (cost)
I. Peptide synthesis

    Peptide synthesis up to 15 amino acids.

    Each phospho-residue (Phospho-Ser, Tyr or Thr)

2 week
(additional $150/per site)
II. Conjugation

Conjugation of 5 mg peptide (using Cysteine) to KLH.

  10 mg free peptide will be provided for client

1 week
III. Immunization and anti-sera production

  Ten-week protocol to produce antibodies in 2 rabbits.

  Pre-immune 5 ml/per rabbit and total final bleeds from two rabbits (100 ml antiserum) will be provided to client.

10 weeks


13 weeks ($950)
Additional Options
Phosphospecific Antibody Affinity Purification

Antagene Inc. offers phosphospecific antibody affinity purification including:

1. Phosphospecific peptide synthesis (up to 15 amino acids)--10 mg
    used for phosphospecific epitope affinity purification, 10 mg used
    for antibody production, and 10 mg delivered to client

2. 10 mg non-phosphospecific peptide (up to 15 amino acids)  used
    for affinity depletion

. Immunization of 2 rabbits

4. Phosphospecific and non-phosphospecific peptide ELISA titration
     of  antibody for final bleeds

5. Pre-immune sample of serum (5 mL/each rabbit) and anti-serum
     (100mL total) from two rabbits

6. Affinity purification of serum Shipment of purified phosphospecific
    antibody  which does not cross-react with non-phosphospecific peptides   
    (confirmed by ELISA)
Antagene Inc will provide the customer with the service in the shortest possible time.  Delays may be incurred if the antigen is poorly immunogenic .

All the products of this project shall become the exclusive property of the client at the conclusion of the project. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

Please contact us for a quotation of your customized phospho-antibody development project or

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2. Conjugate of phosphorylated peptide.
3. Immunize animals.
4. Collect antisera.
5. Bind phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated to affinity chromatography columns.
6. Titer antibodies against phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated peptides.

Custom Phospho-Specific Polyclonal Antibody complete service
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