Services Time (cost)
Polyclonal antibody production, Complete service $999/project
Phospho-peptide polyclonal antibody production and phospho-peptide affinity purification, Complete service $2,120/project
Peptide synthesis Starts from $5/AA
Phospho-peptide synthesis $150/per site
Peptide conjugation to KLH $160/peptide
Immunization and antisera production without peptide synthesis $699/antigen
Titer test by ELISA $100/per project
Western blotting (WB) test $200/per gel
Antibody purification by protein G $500/per project
Antibody purification by peptide affinity column $600/per project
Phospho-peptide antibody purification by 2-steps peptide affinity purification including phospho-peptide column and non-phospho-peptide column
$1,200/per project
Polyclonal antibody production: additional rabbit $250/rabbit
Polyclonal antibody production: extended protocol $350/rabbit
Monoclonal antibody production, Complete service $3,999/project
Phospho-specific monoclonal antibody production, Complete service $6,000/project
Monoclonal antibody production: peptide conjugation to KLH $160/peptide
Monoclonal antibody production: immunization and antisera production $1,500/antigen
Monoclonal antibody production: hybridoma fusion and screening of clones
Monoclonal antibody production: screening of phospho-specific clones $3,000/fusion
Monoclonal antibody production: Stabilization of clones and expansion of clones. Relevant clones(single cells) are frozen at this stage and hybridoma medium(500-100ml) collected for further studies

$1500/per project
Monoclonal antibody production: Isotyping of clones and ascites production. Isotypes of all selected clones will be determined and production of ascites from 5 mices if needed
$1500/per project
Monoclonal antibody production: large scale culture up to 200 ml $500/clone
Monoclonal antibody service: ascites production up to 20 ml
Monoclonal antibody service: antibody purification by protein G $500/clone