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Antagene's Refer-A-Friend Program

Refer our service to a friend and you will both get 30% price off on your antibody purification orders!

Every time you refer a friend or colleague, who purchases Antagene’s antibody service and mentions your name as the referrer, we will reward each of you with a 30% discount on your antibody purification service or a free 1G mobile flash drive. *


How does the program work?

To make a referral
When a friend referred you

Please write us an email in the below format:

Mail subject: I am referring a friend
1. Your name, phone number/ email address, and your existing project number with Antagene.
2. Name of the referee (the person you refer), his/her phone number and e-mail address.

Please mention in your ordering e-mail the name , email, and the phone number of the referrer.
If you are using our online order form, please wait for our order confirmation email.  Then reply the email in the below format:

1. Your name, phone number,and your email address.
2. Name of the person who referred you, his/her phone number and e-mail address


After you do your part, we will complete the reward process by:
1) Verifying the referral to ensure it meets the program requirements
2) Reward both you and your friend as soon as possible!

Start earning rewards from Antagene!


Verification of the referral will take up to 10 days. Once completed, rewards will be assessed immediately (1G flash drive reward will take 2 to 4 weeks).
Referee (the person who receives a referral e-mail message): To be eligible to earn a discount reward you must purchase a minimum of $500 of services from Antagene. 

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*(Each discount reward can only be use in one project order.)


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