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Custom Antibody Polyclonal Production - $999 or $699 (antigen provided by client)

Phase Time (cost)

I. Peptide Design and Synthesis

We start with the synthesis of custom peptide for up to 15 amino acids. ($12 for each additional residue).Special Assistants are provided for peptide design free of charge.

2 weeks
II. Conjugation

It takes 1 week to conjugate 10 mg of peptide to KLH (using Cysteine).

  � We will provide 10 mg of peptide to the client for free.

1 week

III. Immunization & Anti-Sera Production

  ·The Conjugated Peptides ( or recombinant proteins) are then used to immunize rabbits.

  · It takes a total of 10 weeks to develop the antibodies from 2 rabbits.

  · The pre-immune serum (5ml/per rabbit) and the combined final bleeds from the two rabbits (100ml antiserum) will be delivered to the client.

10 weeks


13 weeks ($899)
Additional Options
Services Time (cost)
IV. Additional Bleed Out

 Bleed out 50 ml from each rabbit

1 week (+$250/per rabbit)
V. Re-boosting (two additional booster injection on a 20 days interval)

  � 50 ml antiserum (bleed after 50 days)

7 weeks
(+$350/per rabbit)

  � Conjugation of peptide to BSA
  � ELISA test for final total bleed

1 week (+$100)

VII. Purification

 � Peptide-specific affinity purification
 � ELISA data included.

1 week (+$600)

Antagene Inc will provide the customer with the service in the shortest possible time.  Delays may be incurred if the antigen is poorly immunogenic .

All the products of this project shall become the exclusive property of the client at the conclusion of the project. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

Please contact us for a quotation of your customized polyclonal antibody development project

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Subject: New Zealand White Rabbits
Adjuvant: Started with the Complete Freund's Adjuvant (known as CFA), followed by the Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant (known as IFA) for all subsequent injections.
Immunogen: Immunogen are typically proteins and conjugated peptides. We used 0.5 mg of immunogen/rabbit/injection for each immunization.
Procedure: The immunogen is diluted to 1 mL with sterile saline and combined with 1 mL of the appropriate adjuvant. The antigen and adjuvant are mixed to form a stable emulsion which is injected subcutaneously and provides enhanced immune response from the sustained presence of the immunogen.
Bleeds: Blood is collected from the central ear artery with a 19 gauge needle and allowed to clot and retract at 37�C overnight. The clotted blood is then refrigerated for 24 hours before the serum is decanted and clarified by centrifugation at 2500 rpm for 20 minutes.
Schedule: Day 1: Bleed 25 mL (yields 10 mL pre-immune serum).
1st Immunize with antigen in CFA.

Day 20: 2nd Immunize with antigen in IFA.

Day 40: 3rd Immunize with antigen in IFA.

Day 50: Test Bleed 10 mL for ELISA screen(internal quality control only, not provide to client).

Day 60: 4th  Immunize with antigen in IFA.

Day 70: Final Total Bleed 50 mL from Each Rabbit.
Polyclonal Antibody Production Protocol
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