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Product Name Size Reactive Species Product Code Price Details
Actin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken MA1000-M $250 pdf
AFP 100g Human MA1001-M $250 pdf
Alpha-Actinin(sarcomeric) 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1104-M $250 pdf
Alpha-Adaptin 100g Human, Rat MA1105-M $250 pdf
Alpha-SMA 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1106-M $250 pdf
Alpha-Tubulin 100g Human, Rat MA1107-M $250 pdf
BAP1 100g Human MA1002-M $250 pdf
Bcl-10 100g Human MA1003-M $250 pdf
Bcl-2 100g Human MA1004-M $250 pdf
Beta-Actin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1115-M $250 pdf
Beta-Amyloid Protein 100g Human MA1109-M $250 pdf
Beta-Catenin 100g Human, Rat, Chicken MA1110-M $250 pdf
Beta-HCG 100g Human MA1111-M $250 pdf
Beta-Tubulin 100g Human, Rat MA1112-M $250 pdf
Bin1 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1005-M $250 pdf
C-Myc 100g Human MA1028-M $250 pdf
Ca++ ATPase 100g Human, Rat, Rabbit, Chicken MA1006-M $250 pdf
Calbindin-D 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine MA1007-M $250 pdf
Calcineurin Alpha 100g Human, Rat MA1008-M $250 pdf
Caldesmon 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1009-M $250 pdf
Calmodulin 100g Human, Chicken, Rat MA1010-M $250 pdf
Calponin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken MA1011-M $250 pdf
Catenin Gamma (Plakoglobin) 100g Human, Rat, Chicken MA1012-M $250 pdf
Cathepsin D 100g Human MA1013-M $250 pdf
Cathepsin L 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1014-M $250 pdf
CD3 100g Human MA1015-M $250 pdf
CD4 100g Human MA1016-M $250 pdf
CD8 100g Human MA1017-M $250 pdf
Cdc25c 100g Human MA1018-M $250 pdf
Cdc6 100g Human MA1019-M $250 pdf
Cdk4 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1020-M $250 pdf
Cdk6 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1021-M $250 pdf
Cdk7/CAK 100g Human MA1022-M $250 pdf
CEA 100g Human MA1023-M $250 pdf
CK13 100g Human MA1025-M $250 pdf
CK18 100g Human, Rat MA1026-M $250 pdf
CK4 100g Human, Rat MA1027-M $250 pdf
CK7 100g Human MA1024-M $250 pdf
Co III 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1029-M $250 pdf
CO IV 100g Human MA1030-M $250 pdf
Connexin32 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1031-M $250 pdf
Cyclin A 100g Human, Mouse MA1032-M $250 pdf
Cyclin D1 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1033-M $250 pdf
Cyclin D2 100g Human, Mouse MA1034-M $250 pdf
Desmin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1036-M $250 pdf
Dystrophin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken MA1037-M $250 pdf
Elastin 100g Human, Dog, Guinea pig MA1038-M $250 pdf
Episialin(EMA) 100g Human MA1039-M $250 pdf
Filensin 100g Human MA1041-M $250 pdf
FLK1(VEGF-R2) 100g Human MA1040-M $250 pdf
Gamma-Adaptin 100g Human, Rat MA1113-M $270 pdf
Gamma-Tubulin 100g Human, Rat MA1114-M $250 pdf
GAP-43 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Snake MA1042-M $250 pdf
Gastric Mucin 100g Human MA1043-M $250 pdf
Gelsolin 100g Human, Rabbit, Bovine MA1044-M $250 pdf
GFAP 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1045-M $250 pdf
GH 100g Human MA1046-M $250 pdf
Glucagon 100g Human, Rat MA1047-M $250 pdf
HSP25 100g Human MA1048-M $250 pdf
HSP60 100g Human, Chicken, Rat MA1049-M $250 pdf
HSP70 100g Human MA1050-M $250 pdf
HSP90 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Chicken, Frog MA1051-M $250 pdf
Insulin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1052-M $250 pdf
Involucrin 100g Human, Dog, Pig MA1053-M $250 pdf
Laminin 100g Human, Pig, Feline. MA1054-M $250 pdf
MAP kinase,activated 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Yeast MA1055-M $250 pdf
MAP1 100g Rat MA1056-M $250 pdf
MAP2 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1057-M $250 pdf
Mcm7 100g Human MA1058-M $250 pdf
MDR 100g Human MA1060-M $250 pdf
Mucin gastric 100g Human MA1061-M $250 pdf
Myoglobin 100g Human, Rat MA1062-M $250 pdf
Myosin(fast) 100g Human, Rat MA1063-M $250 pdf
Myosin(slow) 100g Human, Rat MA1064-M $250 pdf
Myosin(smooth) 100g Human, Rabbit, Chicken MA1065-M $250 pdf
N-Cadherin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Chicken MA1067-M $250 pdf
NCAM 100g Human, Rat MA1068-M $250 pdf
Nebulin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Frog MA1069-M $250 pdf
Neurofilament68 100g Human, Pig, Rat MA1070-M $250 pdf
NF200 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1071-M $250 pdf
NOS1 100g Human, Rat, Goat, Pig MA1072-M $250 pdf
ODC 100g Human MA1073-M $250 pdf
P16(INK4a) 100g Human MA1074-M $250 pdf
P19(INK4d) 100g Human MA1075-M $250 pdf
P27(kip1) 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1076-M $250 pdf
P34(cdc2) 100g Human, Mouse, Chicken MA1077-M $250 pdf
P53 100g Human MA1078-M $250 pdf
Pan-Cadherin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Chicken, Snake MA1079-M $250 pdf
Paxillin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken MA1080-M $250 pdf
PCK 100g Human, Rat MA1081-M $250 pdf
PCK-26 100g Human, Rat MA1082-M $250 pdf
PCNA 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1083-M $250 pdf
Phosphoserine 100g Human, Most animals MA1084-M $250 pdf
PKB Alpha 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken MA1085-M $250 pdf
Protein phosphatase1 Alpha (PP1 Alpha) 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit MA1086-M $250 pdf
PSTAIR 100g Human, Mouse MA1087-M $250 pdf
S-100 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1088-M $250 pdf
Smad4 100g Human MA1089-M $250 pdf
Spectrin (alpha and alpha) 100g Human MA1090-M $250 pdf
Synaptophysin 100g Rat MA1091-M $250 pdf
Talin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Frog MA1092-M $250 pdf
Tau 100g Human, Mouse, Rat MA1093-M $250 pdf
Tenascin 100g Human MA1094-M $250 pdf
Tropomyosin (Sarcomeric) 100g Human, Rat, Chicken MA1097-M $250 pdf
Tropomyosin(36/39KD) 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken MA1095-M $250 pdf
Tropomyosin(36KD) 100g Human, Rabbit, Chicken MA1096-M $250 pdf
Troponin T 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Chicken MA1098-M $250 pdf
Tryptophan hydroxylase 100g Human, Rat, Rabbit MA1099-M $250 pdf
Tyrosine hydroxylase 100g Human, Rat, Rabbit MA1100-M $250 pdf
VEGFR1 100g Human MA1101-M $250 pdf
Vimentin 100g Human, Rat MA1102-M $250 pdf
Vinculin 100g Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken MA1103-M $250 pdf
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