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Product Name Size Reactive Species Product Code Price Details
4E-BP1 0.1mg Human Mab-606123 $240 pdf
4E-BP1 0.1mg Human Mab-606125 $240 pdf
4E-BP1 0.1mg Human Mab-606124 $360 pdf
AAT 0.1ml human, mouse MAB-606020350 $280 pdf
ABCG2 0.1ml Human; Mouse; Monkey MAB-606030219 $310 pdf
ABL1 0.1ml human MAB - 606020244 $280 pdf
ABL2 0.1ml human, mouse MAB-606020429 $280 pdf
ACTA2 0.1ml Human; Monkey; Rat; Mouse MAB-606030162 $310 pdf
ACTA2 0.1ml Human; Monkey; Rat; Mouse MAB-606030163 $310 pdf
ACTA2 0.1ml Human; Monkey; Rat; Mouse MAB-606030235 $310 pdf
Actin 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken MA1000 $200 pdf
AFP 100g Human. MA1001 $200 pdf
AIF 0.1ml Human; Monkey; Rat; Mouse MAB-606030245 $310 pdf
AKT1 0.1ml Human; Mouse; Monkey MAB-606020434 $280 pdf
AKT2 0.1ml Human; Monkey; Rat; MAB - 606030002 $280 pdf
Akt2 0.1mg human Mab-606067 $320 pdf
Akt3 0.1mg human Mab-606061 $320 pdf
Albumin 0.1ml human MAB-606020269 $280 pdf
ALCAM 0.1ml human MAB - 606020232 $240 pdf
alpha-Actinin(sarcomeric) 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1104 $200 pdf
alpha-Adaptin 100g Human, rat. MA1105 $200 pdf
alpha-SMA 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1106 $200 pdf
alpha-Tubulin 100g Human, rat. MA1107 $200 pdf
ALPP 0.1ml human MAB-606030061 $280 pdf
Anti-Human CD81 0.2mg Human 1107NF-V6052 $175 pdf
anti-MUC2 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1147 $120 pdf
anti-siaiosyi-Tn antigen (clone B35.1) 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1139 $100 pdf
anti-Sialosyi-Tn antigen(clone B35.2) 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1140 $100 pdf
APOA5 (Pair to Human) 0.1mgx2 Human Mab-604007 $480 pdf
Apoa5(ab) 0.1mg Human Mab-604006 $360 pdf
Apoa5(bd) 0.1mg Human Mab-604007-1 $360 pdf
ApoB 0.1ml human MAB-606030214 $310 pdf
ApoE 0.1ml human MAB-606030215 $310 pdf
ApoM 0.1mg Human Mab-606113 $320 pdf
ApoM 0.1mg Human Mab-607032 $320 pdf
APP 0.1mg Human Mab-606032 $340 pdf
AR 0.1ml human MAB-606020273 $280 pdf
ARNTL 0.1ml human MAB-606030033 $240 pdf
ATM 0.1ml human MAB-606030173 $310 pdf
ATP2C1 0.1ml human, monkey MAB-606030001 $280 pdf
AURKA 0.1ml Human; Monkey; Rat; MAB-606030160 $310 pdf
AURKB 0.1mg Human Mab-607031 $320 pdf
Avidin Peroxidase Conjugate 2 mg biotinylated substance P9804 $145 pdf
AXL 0.1ml human MAB-606020250 $220 pdf
AXL 0.1ml human MAB-606020332 $280 pdf
B Cell Antigen 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-v7046 $135 pdf
BAP1 100g Human. MA1002 $200 pdf
Bcl-10 100g Human. MA1003 $200 pdf
BCL-10 0.1mg Human Mab-604004 $240 pdf
Bcl-2 100g Human. MA1004 $200 pdf
BCL2 0.1ml human, mouse MAB-606030077 $280 pdf
BECN1 0.1ml human MAB-606030182 $310 pdf
beta-Actin 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1115 $200 pdf
beta-Amyloid Protein 100g Human. MA1109 $200 pdf
beta-Catenin 100g Human, rat, chicken. MA1110 $200 pdf
beta-HCG 100g Human. MA1111 $200 pdf
beta-Tubulin 100g Human, rat. MA1112 $200 pdf
BHMT 0.1ml human MAB-606020285 $280 pdf
BID 0.1ml human MAB-606030198 $310 pdf
Bin1 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1005 $200 pdf
BLK 0.1mg Human Mab-606074C $240 pdf
BLK 0.1mg human Mab-606074A $320 pdf
BLK 0.1mg human Mab-606074B $320 pdf
Blood Group Antigen A 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-v3251 $110 pdf
Blood Group Antigen B 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V7071 $120 pdf
Blood Group Antigen H(H2,Le-y,Le-b) 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-v7025 $120 pdf
BMPR2 0.1ml Human; Mouse; Rat; Monkey MAB-606030183 $310 pdf
BMPR2 0.1ml Human; Mouse; Rat; Monkey MAB-606030184 $310 pdf
BNP 0.1ml human MAB-606020157 $320 pdf
BNP 0.1ml human MAB-606020158 $320 pdf
BPTF 0.1ml human MAB-606030202 $310 pdf
BRAF 0.1ml human MAB-606020108 $360 pdf
Bromodeoxyuridine (BrdUrd) 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V3246 $135 pdf
BSA 0.1mg Bovine Mab-605071 $320 pdf
BSA 0.1mg Bovine MAB-606020029 $320 pdf
BTK 0.1mg Human Mab-607075 $280 pdf
C-Kit 0.1mg Human Mab-607044 $280 pdf
C-Myc 100g Human. MA1028 $200 pdf
Ca++ ATPase 100g Human, rat, rabbit. chicken. MA1006 $200 pdf
Calbindin-D 100g Human, rat, mouse, bovine. MA1007 $200 pdf
Calcineurin-alpha 100g Human, rat. MA1008 $200 pdf
Calcitonin 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V3035 $135 pdf
Calcyclin 0.1mg Human Mab-605129 $240 pdf
Caldesmon 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1009 $200 pdf
Calmodulin 100g Human, chicken, rat. MA1010 $200 pdf
Calponin 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken. MA1011 $200 pdf
Calreticulin 0.1ml human, mouse MAB-606020181 $320 pdf
cAMP 0.1ml MAB-606020194 $320 pdf
Cardiac Troponin 1 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V1144 $135 pdf
Catenin-gamma (Plakoglobin) 100g Human, rat, chicken. MA1012 $200 pdf
Cathepsin D 100g Human. MA1013 $200 pdf
Cathepsin L 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1014 $200 pdf
CBX1 0.1ml human, Monkey MAB-606020425 $280 pdf
CCNB1 0.1ml human MAB-606030116 $280 pdf
CCND3 0.1ml human, mouse MAB-606030186 $310 pdf
CD10 0.1mg Human Mab-604025 $240 pdf
CD10 0.1ml human MAB-606020257 $280 pdf
CD10,CALLA 0.5ml Human 1107NF-K016 $100 pdf
CD10,CALLA 0.2mg Human 1107NF-V6013 $175 pdf
CD105 0.1ml human MAB-606030221 $310 pdf
CD106 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7108 $120 pdf
CD13,Myeloid Cell 0.2mg Human 1107NF-V6015 $175 pdf
CD14 0.1ml, 0.4mg/ml Human Mab-604023 $240 pdf
CD15 0.1ml human MAB-606030239 $310 pdf
CD16 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7103 $120 pdf
CD16,Fc Gamma Receptor111 0.2mg Human 1107NF-V6018 $175 pdf
CD19 0.1mg Human Mab-604031 $150 pdf
CD1A 0.1ml human MAB-606030185 $310 pdf
CD1A 0.1ml human MAB-606030187 $310 pdf
CD1a(Clone CBT6),purigied,anti-human 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V6079 $120 pdf
CD2-T-cell 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6003 $175 pdf
CD20 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7111 $120 pdf
CD20 0.1ml human MAB-606020163 $320 pdf
CD20,B-cell 0.2mg Human 1107NF-V6021 $175 pdf
CD22 0.5ml Human 1107NF-v7097 $120 pdf
CD247 0.1ml human MAB-606030017 $280 pdf
CD25(IL-2R) 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7107 $120 pdf
CD27 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6024 $175 pdf
CD3 0.1mg human MAB-606020024 $160 pdf
CD3 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6076 $175 pdf
CD3 100g Human MA1015 $200 pdf
CD31 0.1mg Human Mab-607073 $340 pdf
CD31(PECAM-1) 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7105 $120 pdf
CD33 0.1ml human MAB-606020263 $320 pdf
CD34 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7099 $110 pdf
CD34 0.1mg Human Mab-607055 $320 pdf
CD36 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7101 $120 pdf
CD36 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6029 $175 pdf
CD37 0.5ml Human 1107NF-v7067 $110 pdf
CD38,Plasma Cells 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6030 $175 pdf
CD4 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7104 $110 pdf
CD4 0.1mg Human Mab-604008 $160 pdf
CD4 100g Human MA1016 $200 pdf
CD4,T-cell 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6005 $175 pdf
CD43a 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6033 $175 pdf
CD43b 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6032 $175 pdf
CD44,Phagocytic Glycoprotein-1 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6034 $175 pdf
CD45 0.1ml human MAB-606020298 $280 pdf
CD45RA,B-cell 0.5ml Human 1107NF-K041 $100 pdf
CD45RB,Leucocyte Common Antigen 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6035 $175 pdf
CD45RB,Leucocyte Common Antigen 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6037 $175 pdf
CD45RO, T-cell 5ml Human 1107NF-083D $125 pdf
CD48 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6039 $175 pdf
CD5,T-cell 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6008 $175 pdf
CD53.1,Pan Leucocytes 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6040 $175 pdf
CD56 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7106 $120 pdf
CD57, Natural Killer Cell (HNK-, 1Leu7) 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V1162 $120 pdf
CD57,HNK-1 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6044 $175 pdf
CD69 0.1ml human MAB-606030021 $280 pdf
CD7 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-v7085 $110 pdf
CD71 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6047 $175 pdf
CD74,MHC Class11 Invariant Chain 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6049 $175 pdf
CD8 0.1mg Human Mab-604009 $160 pdf
CD8 100g Human MA1017 $200 pdf
CD8,T-cell 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6011 $175 pdf
CD8,T-cell 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6012 $175 pdf
CD86 0.1ml human MAB-606030107 $280 pdf
CD8a 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6059 $175 pdf
CD94 0.1ml human MAB-606030175 $310 pdf
CD95 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7110 $120 pdf
CDC2 0.1ml human MAB-606030038 $280 pdf
Cdc25c 100g Human MA1018 $200 pdf
CDC27 0.1ml human MAB-606030064 $280 pdf
Cdc6 100g Human MA1019 $200 pdf
CDH1 0.1ml human, mouse, monkey MAB-606030121 $280 pdf
CDH1 0.1ml human, mouse, monkey MAB-606030127 $280 pdf
CDK1 0.1ml human, mouse, monkey, rat MAB-606030180 $310 pdf
CDK1 0.1ml human, mouse, monkey, rat MAB-606030181 $310 pdf
Cdk4 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1020 $200 pdf
CDK5 0.1ml human, monkey, rat MAB-606030210 $310 pdf
Cdk6 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1021 $200 pdf
Cdk7/CAK 100g Human MA1022 $200 pdf
CDK9 0.1ml human MAB-606030211 $310 pdf
CDK9 0.1ml human MAB-606030212 $310 pdf
CDKN1B 0.1ml human MAB-606030044 $280 pdf
Cdw17,Lactosylceramide 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6019 $175 pdf
Cdw32 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6027 $175 pdf
Cdw75 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6050 $175 pdf
Cdw78,Leu21,BA Antigen 0.2 mg Human 1107NF-V6051 $175 pdf
CEA 100g Human MA1023 $200 pdf
CEA 0.1ml human MAB-606030156 $310 pdf
CEA 0.1ml human MAB-606030157 $310 pdf
CER1 0.1ml human MAB-606020392 $280 pdf
CHD3 0.1ml Human; Mouse MAB-606020422 $280 pdf
CHK1 0.1mg Human Mab-605077 $210 pdf
CHK2 0.1ml human MAB-606020223 $340 pdf
CHUK 0.1ml human MAB-606020240 $240 pdf
CIB1 0.1ml human MAB-606020087 $280 pdf
CIB1 0.1mg Human Mab-606081 $280 pdf
cJun 0.1ml human MAB-606030246 $310 pdf
CK1 0.1mg Human Mab-606075 $240 pdf
CK13 100g Human MA1025 $200 pdf
CK17 0.1ml human MAB-606020363 $280 pdf
CK18 100g Human, rat. MA1026 $200 pdf
CK4 100g Human, rat. MA1027 $200 pdf
CK7 100g Human MA1024 $200 pdf
CK7 0.1ml human MAB-606030013 $280 pdf
CK98 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7098 $120 pdf
Clenbuterol 0.1mg Mab-605078 $220 pdf
Co-III 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1029 $200 pdf
CO-IV 100g Human. MA1030 $200 pdf
Connexin32 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1031 $200 pdf
CREB1 0.1ml human, mouse, monkey, rat MAB-606030200 $310 pdf
cRel 0.1ml Human; Mouse MAB-606030223 $310 pdf
CRKL 0.1ml human MAB-606030231 $310 pdf
CRYAB 0.1ml human MAB-606020182 $320 pdf
CSF1 0.1ml human MAB-606030008 $280 pdf
CST3 0.1ml human MAB-606030201 $310 pdf
CTCF 0.1ml human, monkey MAB-606030149 $280 pdf
cTnl 0.1mg Human Mab-605112 $240 pdf
CTTN 0.1ml Human; Mouse MAB-606030188 $310 pdf
Cyclin A 100g Human, mouse. MA1032 $200 pdf
Cyclin D1 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1033 $200 pdf
Cyclin D2 100g Human, mouse. MA1034 $200 pdf
Cytokeratin 10+13(56.5&53kD) 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V1065 $120 pdf
Cytokeratin 18 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V7121 $120 pdf
Cytokeratin 18 0.1ml human MAB-606020276 $320 pdf
Cytokeratin 18 Clone B22.1 0.5ml Human 1107NF-v7052 $110 pdf
Cytokeratin 19 0.1ml human MAB-606020283 $280 pdf
Cytokeratin 19 0.1ml human MAB-606020297 $280 pdf
Cytokeratin 19(40kD) 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1074 $120 pdf
Cytokeratin 5 0.1ml human MAB-606020322 $280 pdf
Cytokeratin 5 0.1ml human MAB-606020142 $340 pdf
Cytokeratin 5/6/18(45&56.5kD) 0.5ml Human 1107NF-K059 $100 pdf
Cytokeratin 5/8 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1182 $120 pdf
Cytokeratin 8 0.1ml human MAB-606020280 $320 pdf
Cytokeratin 8(52.2 kD) 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1064 $120 pdf
Cytokeratin(Pan) 0.1ml human MAB-606020335 $280 pdf
Cytokeratin18(45kD) 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1063 $120 pdf
DAXX 0.1ml human MAB-606020389 $280 pdf
DDR1 0.1ml human MAB-606020242 $240 pdf
DDX4 0.1ml human MAB-606020408 $280 pdf
Desmin 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1036 $200 pdf
Desmin 0.1mg Human Mab-606102 $240 pdf
DKK1 0.1ml human MAB-606020325 $240 pdf
Dynamin-1 0.1mg Human Mab-606045 $360 pdf
Dynamin-2 0.1mg Human Mab-607011 $320 pdf
Dystrophin 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken. MA1037 $200 pdf
E7 0.1ml MAB-606020256 $280 pdf
E7 0.1ml human MAB-606030179 $310 pdf
EEF2 0.1ml human MAB-606030190 $310 pdf
EGF 0.1ml human MAB-606020414 $280 pdf
EGF 0.1ml human MAB-606030015 $280 pdf
EIF4E 0.1ml human MAB-606030189 $310 pdf
Elastin 100g Human, dog, guinea pig. MA1038 $200 pdf
ELK1 0.1mg Human Mab-606122 $240 pdf
ELK1 0.1mg Human Mab-606121 $360 pdf
EMA 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1008 $100 pdf
EP300 0.1ml human MAB-606020261 $280 pdf
EPCAM 0.1ml human MAB-606030049 $280 pdf
EphA1 0.1mg Human Mab-606022 $320 pdf
Epha10 0.1ml human MAB-606030208 $310 pdf
EphA2 0.1ml human MAB-606020071 $280 pdf
EphA6 0.1ml human MAB-606020288 $280 pdf
EphA8 0.1ml human MAB-606020266 $280 pdf
EphB4 0.1ml human MAB-606020073 $150 pdf
EPHB4 0.1ml human MAB-606020334 $280 pdf
EphB6 0.1mg human MAB-606020063 $360 pdf
Episialin(EMA) 100g Human MA1039 $200 pdf
ER 0.1mg Human Mab-607082 $240 pdf
ERalpha 0.1mg human MAB-606020047 $180 pdf
ERBB2 0.1ml human MAB-606030112 $280 pdf
ERBB2 0.1ml human MAB-606020209 $320 pdf
ERBB3 0.1ml human MAB-606020254 $280 pdf
ERBB3 0.1ml human MAB-606020255 $280 pdf
ERK2 0.1mg human Mab-606073 $240 pdf
ERK3 0.1ml human MAB-606030194 $310 pdf
ESA 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1048 $100 pdf
ESR1 0.1ml human MAB-606020272 $280 pdf
ESR1 0.1ml human MAB-606030099 $280 pdf
Estradiol - Concentrated 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1167 $100 pdf
ETS1 0.1ml human MAB-606030019 $280 pdf
ETV5 0.1ml human MAB-606030055 $280 pdf
F8 0.1ml human MAB-606020278 $280 pdf
FABP4 0.1ml human MAB-606020249 $220 pdf
FAK 0.1ml human, mouse MAB-606020065 $180 pdf
FAK 0.1ml human MAB-606030052 $240 pdf
FAK 0.1ml human MAB-606020431 $280 pdf
FCER2 0.1ml human MAB-606030138 $280 pdf
FER 0.1ml human;mouse MAB-606020152 $320 pdf
FES 0.1ml human MAB-606020148 $280 pdf
FGF2 0.1ml human MAB-606020059 $240 pdf
FGFR1 0.1ml human MAB-606020359 $280 pdf
FGFR4 0.1ml human MAB-606020145 $280 pdf
FGFR4 0.1ml human MAB-606020328 $280 pdf
Fibronectin 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V7079 $110 pdf
Fibulin 5 0.1mg human Mab-606057B $180 pdf
Fibulin 5 0.1mg Human Mab-606057A $320 pdf
Filamin 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V10256 $150 pdf
Filensin 100g Human MA1041 $200 pdf
FITC labled CD3 0.1mg human MAB-606020037 $180 pdf
Flag 0.1ml Human MAB-606020201 $240 pdf
FLK1(VEGF-R2) 100g Human MA1040 $200 pdf
FLT1 0.1ml human MAB-606020387 $280 pdf
FLT4 0.1ml human MAB-606030060 $280 pdf
FMR1 0.1ml human MAB-606020327 $280 pdf
FOXA2 0.1ml human MAB-606020375 $280 pdf
FOXD3 0.1ml human;mouse;monkey MAB-606030128 $280 pdf
Foxp3 0.1mg Human, Mouse Mab-606013 $240 pdf
Foxp3 0.1mg Mouse Mab-607053 $240 pdf
FOXP3 0.1ml human MAB-606030062 $280 pdf
FUK 0.1ml human;mouse;rat;monkey MAB-606030207 $310 pdf
FYN 0.1ml human MAB-606030229 $310 pdf
FYN 0.1ml human;mouse MAB-606030230 $310 pdf
gamma-Adaptin 100g Human, rat. MA1113 $200 pdf
gamma-Tubulin 100g Human, rat. MA1114 $200 pdf
GAP-43 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken, snake MA1042 $200 pdf
GAPDH 0.1mg Human Mab-605079 $180 pdf
GAPDH 0.1ml human MAB-606020035 $180 pdf
Gastric Mucin 100g Human MA1043 $200 pdf
GATA1 0.1ml human MAB-606030046 $280 pdf
GCG 0.1ml human MAB-606030151 $280 pdf
GCK 0.1ml human MAB-606030243 $310 pdf
Gelsolin 100g Human, rabbit, bovine. MA1044 $200 pdf
GFAP 5ml Human, Bovine, Mouse, Rat, Guinea Pig, Goat, and Sheep. 1107NF-209M $70 pdf
GFAP 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1045 $200 pdf
GFP 0.1mg MAB-606020144 $240 pdf
GH 100g Human. MA1046 $200 pdf
GKAP 0.1ml human MAB-606030238 $310 pdf
GLP 0.1mg Human Mab-606023 $240 pdf
Glucagon 100g Human, rat. MA1047 $200 pdf
Glycophorin A 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V7096 $120 pdf
GnRH Receptor 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V7078 $120 pdf
GRIA3 0.1ml human MAB-606030233 $310 pdf
GRK2 0.1ml human;mouse;rat;monkey MAB-606030199 $310 pdf
GRN 0.1mg Human Mab-607012 $320 pdf
GSK3 alpha 0.1mg Human Mab-607074 $280 pdf
GSK3 alpha 0.1mg Human Mab-607076 $280 pdf
GSK3 alpha 0.1mg Human Mab-606082 $320 pdf
GST 0.1mg Mab-605081 $99 pdf
GSTP1 0.1mg Human Mab-606114 $240 pdf
GTAM 19 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V1136 $100 pdf
GTAM1 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V3252 $100 pdf
GTAM2 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V3253 $100 pdf
GTAM5 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V3254 $100 pdf
GTAM8 0.5 ml Human 1107NF-V3255 $100 pdf
GTF2B 0.1ml human;monkey MAB-606020420 $280 pdf
HAND1 0.1ml human MAB-606020253 $280 pdf
HAUSP 0.1ml human MAB-606020428 $280 pdf
hCG,Beta 0.5ml Human 1107NF-V1062 $100 pdf
HDAC4 0.1ml human MAB-606020423 $280 pdf
HER2 0.1ml human MAB-606020127 $240 pdf
HIF1A 0.1ml human;mouse;monkey MAB-606030195 $310 pdf
Histone H1 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-v7013 $120 pdf
HIV-1 gp 120 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7074 $120 pdf
HLA Class 1 Antigen(MHC) Cloone B410 0.5ml Human 1107NF-v7042 $100 pdf
HLA-DR-ClassII(MHC) Clone B319 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-v7045 $120 pdf
HPRT 0.1ml human MAB-606020056 $240 pdf
HPS1 0.1ml human MAB-606020180 $320 pdf
HRP 0.1ml MAB-606020162 $280 pdf
HSA (host on rabbit) 1.0mg Human P0001 $3,000 pdf
HSP25 100g Human. MA1048 $200 pdf
HSP27 0.1ml human;rat MAB-606030213 $310 pdf
HSP60 100g Human, chicken, rat. MA1049 $200 pdf
HSP60 0.1ml human;mouse;rat;monkey MAB-606030193 $310 pdf
HSP70 100g Human. MA1050 $200 pdf
HSP70 0.1ml human MAB-606020421 $280 pdf
HSP90 100g Human, mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, frog. MA1051 $200 pdf
HSP90AB1 0.1ml human;mouse;rat;monkey MAB-606030227 $310 pdf
HSP90AB1 0.1ml human;mouse;rat;monkey MAB-606030228 $310 pdf
Human Ig lambda-chain 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7076 $120 pdf
Human IgM 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7082 $120 pdf
Human P16 0.1mg Human Mab-6070710 $280 pdf
Human P55,50.Epstein-Barr Virus Early Antigen 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7083 $120 pdf
Human WAF 1/p21 Protein 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-v7070 $120 pdf
IFN-y 0.1mg Human Mab-604010 $240 pdf
IFNgamma 0.1mg human MAB-606020160 $280 pdf
IgD 5ml Human 1107NF-106M $60 pdf
IGF1R 0.1ml human MAB-606020149 $280 pdf
IGF1R 0.1mg Human Mab-607077 $280 pdf
IGFBP2 0.1ml human MAB-606020204 $320 pdf
IgG 0.1mg Human Mab-604003 $150 pdf
IgG (Fc Specific) 0.1ml human MAB-606020336 $280 pdf
IgG(Fc Specific) 0.1ml human MAB-606020326 $280 pdf
IgM 0.1mg human MAB-606020004 $150 pdf
IKBKB 0.1ml human MAB-606020113 $320 pdf
IKBKB 0.1ml human MAB-606020114 $320 pdf
IKBKE 0.1ml human MAB-606020174 $320 pdf
IL-10 0.1mg Human Mab-604012 $180 pdf
IL-16 0.1mg Human Mab-604013 $240 pdf
IL-1a 0.1mg Human Mab-604011 $180 pdf
IL-8 0.1mg Human Mab-604014 $180 pdf
IL10 0.1mg human MAB-606020011 $180 pdf
IL11 0.1mg human MAB-606020034 $180 pdf
IL2 0.1ml human MAB-606020316 $240 pdf
IL6 0.1ml human MAB-606020021 $240 pdf
Influenza A virus Nucleoprotein 0.1ml A/Korea/426/68(H2N2) MAB-606020170 $280 pdf
Influenza B virus Nucleoprotein 0.1ml Stain:B/Lee/40 MAB-606020171 $280 pdf
INHA 0.1mg Human Mab-606126 $240 pdf
Insulin 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7077 $110 pdf
Insulin 0.5/ml Human, Bovine, Porcine, Rabbit, Rat 1107NF-v7066 $120 pdf
Insulin 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1052 $200 pdf
Involucrin 100g Human, dog, pig. MA1053 $200 pdf
ITK 0.1ml human MAB-606020215 $240 pdf
ITK 0.1ml human MAB-606030244 $310 pdf
JAK2 0.1ml human MAB-606030041 $280 pdf
Kappa Light Chain 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7080 $110 pdf
KDR 0.1ml human MAB-606020394 $280 pdf
Ki67 0.1ml human MAB-606020305 $280 pdf
KI67 0.1ml human MAB-606030100 $280 pdf
KLF4 0.1ml human MAB-606030105 $280 pdf
KLHL22 0.1ml human MAB-606030109 $280 pdf
KRT19 0.1ml human MAB-606030226 $310 pdf
KRT19 0.1ml human MAB-606030249 $310 pdf
KSHV K8a 0.1mg KSHV Mab-604017 $320 pdf
KSHV ORF26 0.1ml human MAB-606020036 $240 pdf
KSHV ORF45 0.1mg KSHV Mab-604018 $320 pdf
KSHV ORF62 0.1mg KSHV Mab-604019 $240 pdf
KSHV ORF62 0.1ml KSHV MAB-606020017 $240 pdf
Ku (p70) 0.5/ml Human, Monkey, and Xenopus. Mouse & Hamster in WB only 1107NF-V10093 $190 pdf
LAL 0.1mg Human Mab-606021 $240 pdf
LAMB1 0.1ml human MAB-606020287 $280 pdf
Laminin 100g Human, pig, feline. MA1054 $200 pdf
Lck 0.1mg human Mab-606066 $320 pdf
LCN1 0.1ml human MAB-606020329 $280 pdf
LHX2 0.1ml human MAB-606030191 $310 pdf
LMNA 0.1ml Human; Mouse; Rat MAB-606030247 $310 pdf
LPA 0.1ml human MAB-606020294 $280 pdf
LPL 0.1mg Human, Bovine P-313 $259 pdf
LPL 0.1ml human MAB-606020331 $280 pdf
LSD1/AOF2 0.1mg Human Mab-605126 $260 pdf
Luciferase 0.5/ml Human, any species that expresses Luciferase 1107NF-V10274 $199 pdf
LYN 0.1mg Human Mab-607052 $320 pdf
Mab to Blood Group Antigen A 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V1085 $205 pdf
Mab to CD61, Platelet Glycoprotein IIIa 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V1105 $216 pdf
Mab to Kappa Light Chain 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V1056 $120 pdf
Mab to Macrophage (Clone HAM56) 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V1076 $212 pdf
Mab to Neurofilaments 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V1079 $186 pdf
Mab to Prolactin 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V1143 $100 pdf
Macrophage/L 1 Protein/Calprotectin 0.5/ml Human, Monkey, baboon, Swine, Dog, Cat Rabbit, Rat Mouse, Guinea Pig 1107NF-V1146 $120 pdf
MAP kinase,activated 100g Human, mouse, rat, yeast. MA1055 $200 pdf
MAP1 100g Rat. MA1056 $200 pdf
MAP2 100g Human, rat, mouse MA1057 $200 pdf
MAP2K4 0.1mg Human Mab-606111 $240 pdf
MAP3K5 0.1ml human MAB-606030225 $310 pdf
MAP4K4 0.1ml human MAB-606020235 $320 pdf
MAPK10 0.1mg Human Mab-606112 $240 pdf
MAPK10 0.1mg Human Mab-606115 $240 pdf
MBP 0.1ml MAB-606020214 $280 pdf
MCL-1 0.1mg human Mab-604030 $240 pdf
Mcm7 100g Human. MA1058 $200 pdf
MCP-1 0.1mg Human Mab-605086 $240 pdf
MDR 100g Human. MA1060 $200 pdf
MER 0.1ml human MAB-606020153 $240 pdf
Metadherin 0.1ml human MAB-606020407 $280 pdf
MMP1 0.1ml human MAB-606030236 $310 pdf
Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to Oct4 0.1ml human MAB-606020291 $280 pdf
Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to OCT4 0.1ml human MAB-606020384 $280 pdf
Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to Oct4 0.1ml human MAB-606030147 $280 pdf
Mouse TUG 0.1mg mouse Mab-606011 $240 pdf
MPS1 0.1ml human MAB-606020352 $280 pdf
MSH2 0.1mg Human Mab-605087 $210 pdf
MSH6 0.1ml human MAB-606020192 $280 pdf
MSI2 0.1ml human MAB-606030178 $310 pdf
MSX1 0.1ml human MAB-606030197 $310 pdf
MTHFR 0.1ml Human; Rat MAB-606030204 $310 pdf
MUC5AC 0.5/ml Human, Monkey, Rabbit, Rat Mouse, Feline, Cow, and Chicken 1107NF-v7060 $120 pdf
MUC5AC 0.5/ml Human, Monkey, Rabbit, Rat Mouse, Porcine, Hedgehog and Chicken 1107NF-V7075 $120 pdf
Mucin gastric 100g Human MA1061 $200 pdf
MYC 0.1ml human MAB-606030209 $310 pdf
Myeloperoxidase 0.1ml human MAB-606020300 $280 pdf
MYL2 0.1ml human MAB-606020324 $240 pdf
MYL3 0.1ml human MAB-606020342 $260 pdf
Myoglobin 100g Human, rat. MA1062 $200 pdf
Myoglobin 0.1mg human Mab-606092 $240 pdf
Myosin(fast) 100g Human, rat. MA1063 $200 pdf
Myosin(slow) 100g Human, rat. MA1064 $200 pdf
Myosin(smooth) 100g Human, rabbit, chicken. MA1065 $200 pdf
N-Cadherin 100g Human, mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken. MA1067 $200 pdf
NCAM 100g Human, rat. MA1068 $200 pdf
NCOR1 0.1ml human MAB-606020265 $320 pdf
Nebulin 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken, frog. MA1069 $200 pdf
Neurofilament68 100g Human, pig, rat. MA1070 $200 pdf
Neurogenin3 0.1ml (1.0mg/ml) human MAB-606020379 $240 pdf
NF200 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1071 $200 pdf
NFKB1 0.1ml human MAB-606030224 $310 pdf
NFKB1 0.1ml human MAB-606030234 $310 pdf
NOS1 100g Human, rat, goat, pig. MA1072 $200 pdf
NPT 0.1mg Human Mab-605124 $240 pdf
NR3C1 0.1ml human MAB-606030158 $310 pdf
Nucleolar Antigen 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7073 $120 pdf
Nucleophosmin 0.1ml human, Monkey MAB-606020001 $240 pdf
NuMA 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7089 $120 pdf
Ochratoxin A (host on rabbit) 100g ochratoxin A and C, P9948 $175 pdf
ODC 100g Human. MA1073 $200 pdf
OTX2 0.1ml human MAB-606030217 $310 pdf
OTX2 0.1ml human MAB-606030218 $310 pdf
OVA 0.1mg MAB-606020095 $240 pdf
OVA 0.1mg Mab-606084 $240 pdf
p105 proliferation-associated nuclear antigen 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-v7011 $120 pdf
P11 0.1mg Human Mab-607043 $240 pdf
p13 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7093 $120 pdf
P16 0.1mg human MAB-606020137 $280 pdf
P16 (Mouse and Human) 0.1mg Human, Rat, Mouse Mab-607071 $340 pdf
P16 (Mouse and Human) 0.1mg Human, Rat Mab-607072 $340 pdf
P16(INK4a) 100g Human. MA1074 $200 pdf
P19(INK4d) 100g Human. MA1075 $200 pdf
P27(kip1) 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1076 $200 pdf
p34 cdc-2 nuclear protein 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-v7010 $120 pdf
P34(cdc2) 100g Human, mouse, chicken. MA1077 $200 pdf
P53 100g Human. MA1078 $200 pdf
p53 0.1ml human MAB - 606020338 $280 pdf
Pan Cytokeratin 5ml Human 1107NF-099D $100 pdf
Pan Cytokeratin, Pan CK-II 45/ml Human 1107NF-V1148 $120 pdf
Pan-Cadherin 100g Human, mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, snake. MA1079 $200 pdf
PAR1 0.1ml human MAB-606020262 $280 pdf
PARL 0.1ml human MAB-606020241 $240 pdf
PAX8 0.1ml human MAB-606030118 $280 pdf
Paxillin 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken MA1080 $200 pdf
PCK 100g Human, rat. MA1081 $200 pdf
PCK-26 100g Human, rat. MA1082 $200 pdf
PCNA 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1083 $200 pdf
PDGFR 0.1ml Human;Mouse MAB-606020358 $280 pdf
Peroxidase AffiniPure Goat Anti-Human IgG(H+L) 1/ml Human 1107NF-SJ15156 $89 pdf
PGR 0.1ml human MAB-606020205 $180 pdf
PGR 0.1ml human MAB-606020268 $280 pdf
Phosphoserine 100g Human, most animals MA1084 $200 pdf
PINCH 0.1ml human MAB-606030241 $310 pdf
PKB-alpha 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken. MA1085 $200 pdf
Placental Alkaline Phosphatase Clone B431 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-v7054 $120 pdf
Plasminogen (host on sheep) 100g Human P-331 $149 pdf
PODXL 0.1ml human MAB-606030205 $310 pdf
PODXL 0.1ml human MAB-606030206 $310 pdf
PP32 0.1ml human MAB-606020433 $240 pdf
PPARG 0.1mg Human Mab-607021 $320 pdf
PPARG 0.1mg Human Mab-607022 $320 pdf
PR 0.1mg human MAB-606020107 $240 pdf
PRMT6 0.1ml human, Monkey MAB-606020427 $280 pdf
Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) 5 ml Human, vertebrates, Insects 1107NF-065D $125 pdf
Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PSAP) 5ml Human 1107NF-009D $110 pdf
Protein phosphatase1-alpha (PP1-alpha) 100g Human, mouse, rat, rabbit. MA1086 $200 pdf
Proteinase 3 0.1ml (1.0mg/ml) human MAB-606020373 $280 pdf
PSA 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V7091 $120 pdf
PSTAIR 100g Human, mouse. MA1087 $200 pdf
PTEN 0.1ml human, mouse MAB-606020399 $280 pdf
PTH 0.1ml human MAB-606030024 $280 pdf
PTK6 0.1mg human Mab-607051 $320 pdf
Purified Mab to CD56,Natural Killer Cell 60/ml Human 1107NF-V6043 $175 pdf
PYK2 0.1ml human MAB-606020212 $320 pdf
Rab25 0.1mg Human Mab-606012 $360 pdf
Ractopamine 0.1mg Mab-605089 $120 pdf
RB 0.1ml human MAB-606020032 $160 pdf
RET 0.1ml human, MAB-606020169 $280 pdf
RET 0.1ml human MAB-606020159 $320 pdf
RICTOR 0.1ml human, Monkey, Mouse MAB-606030093 $280 pdf
ROR1 0.1ml human MAB-606020372 $280 pdf
RSK1 0.1mg Human Mab-607079 $280 pdf
RTN3 0.1ml human MAB-606020371 $280 pdf
RUNX1 0.1ml human MAB-606030192 $310 pdf
S-100 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1088 $200 pdf
S100A 0.1mg human Mab-607042 $280 pdf
S100B 0.1ml human MAB-606020154 $340 pdf
SARSM 1 ml human, mouse MAB-606020019 $159 pdf
SCD1 100g Human, Mouse P-318 $259 pdf
SETDB1 0.1ml human, Monkey, Mouse MAB-606030131 $280 pdf
SHH 0.1ml human MAB-606030056 $280 pdf
SKP2 0.1ml human MAB-606020290 $280 pdf
SMAD2 0.1ml human MAB-606030242 $310 pdf
Smad4 100g Human. MA1089 $200 pdf
SMAD4 0.1ml human MAB-606030091 $280 pdf
SMC1 0.1ml human MAB-606020426 $280 pdf
SMN1 0.1ml human, Monkey MAB-606030220 $310 pdf
SMN1 0.1ml human, Monkey MAB-606030222 $310 pdf
SNAI1 0.1ml human MAB-606030145 $310 pdf
SNAI2 0.1ml human MAB-606030037 $280 pdf
SNCA 0.1mg Human Mab-606058 $280 pdf
SNCG (breast cancer-specific protein 1) 0.1mg Human Mab-606071 $240 pdf
SOX2 0.1ml human MAB-606020267 $240 pdf
SOX2 0.1ml human MAB-606030144 $280 pdf
Spectrin(Alpha and Beta) 100g Human. MA1090 $200 pdf
SRA 0.1mg human Mab-606055A $280 pdf
SRA 0.1mg human Mab-606055B $280 pdf
SRC 0.1ml human MAB-606020218 $320 pdf
ST13 0.1ml human, Monkey MAB-606020419 $280 pdf
STAT3 0.1ml human MAB-606020293 $280 pdf
STAT6 0.1ml Human; Mouse; Rat; Monkey MAB-606030068 $280 pdf
Survivin 0.1ml human MAB-606020176 $280 pdf
Synaptophysin 100g Rat. MA1091 $200 pdf
SYT1 0.1ml human MAB-606020286 $280 pdf
TAB2 0.1ml human MAB-606030123 $280 pdf
Talin 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken, frog. MA1092 $200 pdf
Tau 100g Human, mouse, rat. MA1093 $200 pdf
TBL1X 0.1ml human, Monkey MAB - 606020418 $280 pdf
TDGF1 0.1ml human MAB-606030203 $310 pdf
TEC 0.1ml human MAB-606020380 $240 pdf
Tenascin 100g Human. MA1094 $200 pdf
TGF beta1 0.1ml human MAB-606020076 $180 pdf
Thioredoxin (TRX) 0.1mg Human Mab-607057 $180 pdf
Thy-1,Rat Anti-Mouse 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-v7055 $100 pdf
Thyroglobulin(Clone b34.1) 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-V1059 $120 pdf
TIP60 0.1mg human Mab-607085 $280 pdf
TLR2 0.1ml human MAB-606020424 $288 pdf
TNFalpha 0.1mg human MAB-606020161 $280 pdf
TNFRSF11B 0.1ml human MAB-606030136 $280 pdf
Transferrin Receptor,CD71 0.2mg Human 1107NF-V6048 $175 pdf
Trim5a 0.1mg Human Mab-605061 $320 pdf
Tropomyosin (Sarcomeric) 100g Human, rat, chicken. MA1097 $200 pdf
Tropomyosin(36/39KD) 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken. MA1095 $200 pdf
Tropomyosin(36KD) 100g Human, rabbit, chicken. MA1096 $200 pdf
Troponin T 100g Human, mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken. MA1098 $200 pdf
Tryptophan hydroxylase 100g Human, rat, rabbit. MA1099 $200 pdf
TUBB3 0.1ml human MAB-606020374 $280 pdf
Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha clone B428 0.5/ml Human 1107NF-v7057 $100 pdf
Tyk2 0.1mg Human Mab-606083 $320 pdf
Tyro3 0.1ml human MAB-606020208 $280 pdf
TYRO3 0.1ml human MAB-606020333 $280 pdf
TYRO3 0.1mg Human Mab-607078 $280 pdf
Tyro3 0.1ml human MAB-606020082 $320 pdf
Tyrosine hydroxylase 100g Human, rat, rabbit. MA1100 $200 pdf
UBE1L 0.1ml human MAB-606030095 $280 pdf
VEGFR1 100g Human. MA1101 $200 pdf
Vimentin 100g Human, rat. MA1102 $200 pdf
Vimentin 0.1ml human, monkey MAB-606020118 $280 pdf
Vimentin 0.1mg Human Mab-607041 $280 pdf
Vinculin 100g Human, mouse, rat, chicken. MA1103 $200 pdf
Visfatin 0.1mg Human Mab-606024 $240 pdf
WIF1 0.1ml human MAB-606030111 $280 pdf
WNT5A 0.1ml human MAB-606020330 $280 pdf
XBP1 0.1ml human MAB-606030035 $240 pdf
XRCC5 0.1ml human, mouse MAB-606030237 $310 pdf
YES1 0.1ml human MAB-606020185 $320 pdf
ZAP70 0.1mg Human Mab-606041 $340 pdf
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